hey guys. how are you?

i’m a twenty-something female who loves life. my journey to get here was not easy. i sometimes try to pretend that i lived a normal life. i mean, it did start off that way. honestly though, what is normal anyway?

what’s normal for the spider is chaos to the fly.

i was a girl who never thought i was good enough. i was never satisfied. i always wanted, no needed more. contentment wasn’t a word i ever understood. the addict, the thrill seeker, the perfectionist. all i’ve ever wanted can be summed up in one word —purpose.

but that wouldn’t be known for years to come.

at the time, i wanted to be skinny. the more my bones protruded out of my emaciated skin, the prettier i thought i was. skipping meals became a habit hard to break and nearly impossible to overcome —until i was introduced to prescription painkillers.

emphasis on killer.

pills and cakeit’s like my every thought reined upon not eating that slice of cake at 9:00 p.m., but self-control was never one of my strong suits (obviously).

the amount of condemnation i placed upon myself was unreal —until i found opiates. i’d replace my meals with pills, and the thought of hunger was the furthest thing from my mind.

i thought, man this is great. yeah, it’s great until you run out of pills.

so yeah. it’s just something that happened. without warning or notice, these drugs became my best friend and my worst enemy, all at the same time. i was a walking contradiction, a wandering corpse —the definition of an oxymoron.

unfortunately, there’s usually a thin line between abuse and addiction. we often don’t see it as we cross it. we often don’t see it until it’s too late. because all of a sudden, i was physically and mentally addicted. an accidental addict as i like to call it. i mean, all i was trying to do was overcome my eating disorder and mental health challenges, yet, the very thing i thought was saving my life, began to end it —one line at a time.

like i said, emphasis on killer.

so yeah —at that point, i was a full-blown addict. i wanted to stop, but the dread of withdrawal impeded my better judgment; time and time again. picture the worst flu on steroids. in short, the fear i felt for quitting, trumped my desire for a normal life. those drugs always won.

because eventually, i pawned everything of value that i owned and then some. i stole from friends and family. i literally sold my soul to the devil. i had one white garbage bag filled with clothes to my name with no place to lay my head. none of that mattered though.

did i have enough to not get sick and maybe a small buzz? how will i get the money to get that buzz? that’s all that spun in this girl’s head, moment after moment. it became a deadly obsession. because i was quite literally obsessed. that’s basically why i ended up in places you didn’t want to be. i didn’t even want to be there. but there i was.


and then —it all came to a head (more on that later). long story short, my drug induced existence literally blew up in my face. and thank GOD. because the flames brought me back to life. because i was sick and tired of being sick and tired. truth is, i was the entire time.

so i accepted the help i desperately knew i needed. after a few painful detoxes, multiple treatment centers, churches, halfway houses, and several years of white knuckling, i was sober. and i actually wanted to be. staying clean, however, is the hard part. it’s like what now? because that’s how it felt.

at the end of the day though, i think it all comes down to how badly you want it, which is when i realized —there’s one thing stronger than fear. and that’s hope. something i hadn’t had in years. but where’s there’s life, there’s hope. and that’s when i saw the light. so here i am today. i suffered, i learned, i changed and i love the woman i’ve become because i fought to become her.

and now, i have over five years clean.

it doesn’t stop there though. it never really does. because i recently found out that i’m a type one diabetic. so all those times when i didn’t feel normal, it was because i actually wasn’t. my body was talking, but i self-medicated instead of listening. it all makes sense.

so i created this blog to instill the message of hope to all of those who battle addictioneating disorderschronic painmental health challenges or all of the above like me. i want to strip down everything you are afraid to say because society will judge you. whatever you have done, thought about doing; whatever you have said or wish you could say,

let me help you find your voice or at least blog about how i found mine.


let’s change the world, one word at a time.


macey bee

2 thoughts on “about

  1. Heather Hardway says:

    I am so proud of you. So proud of the woman that you have chosen to become. One who made the decision to love “living”rather than “living it up.” You had to fall pretty hard and climb out of a really deep pit in order to realize it, but you survived. Many don’t, and that’s the sad truth. We are loosing our youth to addition and its killing them faster than any major epidemic in modern history.
    Addiction is tearing our families apart and if we don’t do something, we’ll lose a generation to it.
    I know this is a battle that you will always fight, and I pray that when you waiver, that you will find the strength to continue on that straight path, or if you falter, you pick yourself back up again, and continue on. I hope that your testimony can inspire others to seek help, treatment and eventually find themselves on a path to sobriety too.
    Heather H.

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    • maceybee says:


      your words mean everything to me. thank you so much. it’s been a rough and long road and it’s definitely never over, but i’m so thankful to be where i am today. i totally agree. this epidemic is absolutely awful. i feel like society has been doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. i also feel like something needs to change because it seems like a friend or 3 overdoses and dies every week. it hurts my heart. and sadly, it seems to be getting worse and not better which is honestly how this blog all began. for a while i didn’t talk about this part of me and i actually stopped writing. but recently, i started up again which drove me to make the blog. since then, it’s been so therapeutic and if i can inspire, move or help someone even in a small way, i feel like that’s a win. whenever i read other ppl’s stories, i know i always feel inspired and i thought why can’t i do that too. and then i said i totally can. it feels great. and to get positive feedback just confirms everything. i’m always scared people will judge but the new me is trying not to care haha. thank you again. i can’t say that enough. 💕💕

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