The Little Black Book of Poems: Blade

Sadness sweeps through your buzzing brain, as you count what pills are left in your stash. 19. You’d have enough for today and tomorrow, but in all reality, you needed more. Tonight though, you had other plans.

Opioid Alternatives: How One Woman Changed Her Quality of Life with a Nation Struggling to Do the Same

Many pain patients are searching for anti-drug programs to relieve their constant discomfort without the chance of addiction or dependence. I mean, we're not asking for much, people. The thing is, there are literally over 100 million Americans forced to live with chronic pain —a disease that has no cure, an illness most people don't understand, a lifestyle too easy to judge, and as a result, our day-to-day obstacles normally involve pain and trying to uncover new ways to ease that pain. At the same time, our nation is simply overprescribed. So, here's one woman's story of how finding an opioid alternative changed her life as our nation struggles to do the same.

CBD Oil: People are Feeling Good & Healing Better

Pain patients everywhere are excited. They are excited for two reasons. Quality of lives and discomforted symptoms are improving. It's all thanks to CBD hemp oil, a.k.a. the super herb. And let me just say from personal experience, this plant is well deserving of its title because of the healing properties found inside. Think of marijuana without the paranoia. You feel calm, relaxed, and less susceptible to pain. And so, I spoke with a hemp manufacturer and real people with real pain to see how CBD has impacted their lives. This is what I found.

Relationships & Chronic Pain: 5 Tips on How You Can Break the Cycle

Raise your hand if pain (in some fashion) has affected any of your relationships? Are you more tired than before? Are you unable to attend your child's after-school activity because it physically hurts everywhere? Maybe there are times when even if nothing is “wrong” —you're still in a bad mood? First of all, you're not alone. I get it (probably more so than you might think). Secondly, I want to help. Here's what you need to know.