The Little Black Book of Poems: Want and Need Are Two Different Things

You have to kill it before it kills you.

Your worst enemy,

Your best friend.

You hate it.

You love it.

You can’t live with it,

You can’t live without it.

Everyone has a vice,

That one thing that gets you,

Every time.

When you think you’ve mastered it,

It comes back;

Ten fold.


Until you rid yourself completely,

You can never be made whole.

You want to be happy,

You should be happy,

But you can’t take your finger off the trigger.

Stop running.

But you can’t even do that.

You’ve been running for so long,

Maybe it’s all you know.



You want to feel free,

But you need to stand still a while.

You want to get high,

But you need to stay sober.

You want to feed your cravings,

But you need to say no.

You want what you want,

But you need not too.

You want to run away,

But you need to stay.

You want to scream,

But you whisper instead.


Maybe it’s because you’ve been in darkness for so long,

It’s all you know.

But in order to see the light,

There has to be some type of shadow.

Because happiness can be found even in the darkest of times.

You just have to remember to turn the lights on.

Because where this is shadow,

There must also be light.

Don’t forget.



macey bee

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